Top Mistakes Made By New Poker Players


The human brain is a funny thing, and people can really convince themselves of certain things based on the limited information they have at hand. If the result is a game like poker, a person might begin to believe that they are highly skilled, extremely lucky, or just natural at the game.

Or on the flipside, a negative result might be a drudge up a number of different ideas. Maybe the players are playing against don’t know how to play the game properly and keep lucking out on them, or maybe they themselves are just supremely unlucky. Another popular belief is that new poker players are all luck and it doesn’t matter what cards you play because anything can happen 오바마카지노.

As I said, the human brain is complex and funny things in that can allow the ego to create many illusions to explain away certain circumstances. Here are some common delusions that new players tend to come up with:

1. I have just started playing and have won every time I have played it, therefore I am a good player.

2. Based on past good experiences I am already a pretty good player and will therefore move to a “good” or “great” player in a relatively short period of time. This game will be easy because I am a natural. I will not need to work as hard as getting better as my friends will because I can already beat them.

3. Since I have won a lot at home games, I should be able to easily transition into playing online / casino and make a lot of money quickly.

Typically the new ambitious player will venture into the world of online (or live) poker and is likely to experience one of the following results.

1. Win a lot of money and continue to have delusions of being the grand master daddy of poker.

2. Break even, but feel they are just having a run of bad luck and the next big win is just around the corner.

3. Lose all of their money, but blame the losses on circumstances beyond their control (luck, other bad lucky players, etc.)

Trust me, I’ve been there. It’s easy to think that after a few wins or losses that you are either the best player in the world, or the most unlucky.

The thing about poker is that it’s a really easy game to pick up, it’s very difficult to consistently win over long periods of time without having a fundamental knowledge of the game and good practice.

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